Will you Travel After Covid-19 crisis ends?

What will be life and travel after Covid-19 crisis..

As I am writing this blog here sitting in my home away from all the hush outside, the question as a travel agent or frequent traveler is how will be the travel after all this Covid-19 pandemic situation ends. Will it be the same will there any changes or what will be the travel issue airlines and travelers will be facing?

So first let me be clear loud and out THIS WILL END SOON. And as per my experience or intuition Travel industry will see a boom after Covid-19. Airlines will be sold out of tickets, travelers will be traveling like never before. Why? As all of us, whether its Americans, African, European or Asian we all are currently lock down in our home, businesses are already shut. We all are craving to go out, to travel to go out to eat as we all took all these things for granted but now we all are realizing what we all are missing. This time we as humans are going through something similar for all of us.

This hard time it won’t last long but our thoughts our dreams that we all are going through now will remain there, we will be flying like never before as we all have tasted the feeling of being locked in and missing the feeling of flying to be FREE.

As airlines have started to come with new guidelines like compulsory to wear masks inside the aircraft or even at the airport, less movement of flight attendants, restriction on refreshments, and adding more as per the need of the hour. JetBlue was first to start the mask compulsory wear followed by Delta Airlines and United airlines. But if you see the polls, charts, and surveys passengers are still in doubt if they should or not travel in times of Covid-19. But if we see the travel behavior of US citizens we know how much they love to travel whether it is weekend getaways, Labor Day Holiday, Easter holiday, summer holidays, or Thanksgiving day. People don’t need any special day to go for family visits within the US. So we need to see when states start to open their borders and lift the restrictions, how will the passenger react to the travel industry. I believe and hope they will travel with being more cautious, mostly within the USA for few months, and within the passage of time and seeing how’s airlines and government is doing for passengers safety they will start traveling internationally too, But is too early to believe that it will be that easy, but for now, we can hope to at least start flights domestically.

So till then Dream about your next Destination, Cancun Beach with sand on your feet! Ah the feeling is so surreal that I can feel it sitting on my couch right now.

So as for now let’s stay Home and Fight This!

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