Located in Quintana Roo surrounded by Caribbean Sea, Cancun is most popular travel destination within tourist around the is home to hundreds of hotels and resorts, that attracts all types of guests from families to couples, to youngsters. It is famous for Mayan culture that shines on every corner of Cancun. With top notch hotels and crystal clear water you surely will wonder if you are in dreams or else.

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Things to Do : Cancun underwater Museum, Isla Contoy, Xcaret Park,Mercado 28, El Meco Archaeological Site

Some Festivals to attend

Dia de Muertos

Celebrated on November 1 and 2, the festive is celebrated all over Latin America. Nov 1 is dedicated  for children and is called ‘day of innocents’.

Dia de la independencia

Celebrated on September 16, it’s the day that mexico celebrated the start of war of independence.It is week full of music , dancing and some costume parties.

Cinco de mayo

Celebrated on may 5 it represents the past milestone  of victory of mexico over France in battle of Puebla. This festival is very well celebrated in USA , and can be seen people with colorful dresses dancing in parades.

Dia de la virgin de Guadalupe

Celebrated from 12-13 December, it is religious festival, which  gives light to what is believed that virgin Mary appeared in front of one of famous saints of mexico,Juan Diego. The story is depicted in church as well in mexico and is one of the  most religious event celebrated.

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